P1535 Terminal

P1532 Terminal


Mainstream Touch POS Terminals

The NCR PSeries offers two classes of terminals that offer non-stop reliability, low total cost of ownership and maximum uptime. Looking for an affordable option with standard features? Our 15" P1515 POS terminal will help you balance between your business needs and cost constraints. Looking for something with a little more power? Our 12" and 15" P30 Series make up NCR's mainstream line of POS terminals. They feature an open platform with a highly efficient Intel(r) Atom processor for greater performance, a bright 1024x768 LED color main display with a resistive or surface capacitive touchscreen, low power consumption and a reliable stylish design.

System Stability

Our PSeries terminals offer product stability that far surpasses the short processor life of traditional consumer devices. With a consistent configuration, our terminals can adapt and grow with your business.

Install the terminals where it makes sense to you
Our terminals can be used anywhere you need them - on countertops or mounted on a wall. They provide rugged enclosures, fanless configurations and solid-state technology that can withstand spills without disrupting service.

Unique return to service hardware maintenance model

We offer competitively priced support and maintenance programs - ranging from advanced exchange to 24-hour on-site support. We will resolve any issues quickly and completely. Unlike other providers, NCR will provide a full unit replacement - not individual component replacement - resulting in faster return to service and a reduced chance of future issues.

NCR RealPOS XR7 Terminal

TThe NCR RealPOS XR7 features a stylish all-in-one design, best-in-class performance, exceptional versatility, plus the ruggedness and data security you need for mission critical operations. Simply stated, it's POS perfected.

The NCR RealPOS XR7 is available with a 15" format, and as an added bonus, provides multi-touch and gesture support to make it easy for users to interact in a way that is most familiar to them in their daily lives. You can also customize the solution with integrated options including an encrypted magnetic stripe reader (MSR), fingerprint reader, camera, wireless module and a family of customer-facing displays.

With its rugged die-cast aluminum chassis, long life LED display, projected capacitive touchscreen and enterprise solid state drive (SSD), the RealPOS XR7 is built to last. And our comprehensive environmental and compatibility testing helps to ensure that the solution will provide you with years of dependable operation.

​NCR Hardware for Aloha

Value-Driven Touch POS Terminals

The P1515 POS Terminal is custom-designed for fast-paced retail operations. This cost-effective sales tool can be installed anywhere in your business, streamlining customer service.

  • ​Accelerate customer service 
    A bright 15-inch touchscreen display and fast sign-on options enable quick and accurate transactions.
  • Reduce Technology Costs 
    A perfect solution for small businesses that is powerful enough for large operations requiring non-stop POS support.
  • Support fast-paced sales operations 
    ​Built for daily usage with its rugged design, the P1515 POS Terminal doesn’t use a fan to cool its electronics. As a result, it delivers better performance and reliability, while reducing power costs.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership 
    With its unmatched value, strong performance, and long lifespan, the P1515 POS Terminal will pay for itself many times over.​​